Are you a beginner and want to gain confidence before joining a group class?

Do you want an hour of focused one-on-one attention to develop and grow in your practice?

Are you working with stress management and anxiety?

Let's get back to the basics of breathing!

Private sessions are a wonderful opportunity to explore the practice with your unique goals, intentions, and experience as the foundation for each session. 


My Yoga classes are a nourishing combination of yogic philosophy, challenging asanas, and connection to the breath. Through this process we ultimately connect to our inner wisdom where we understand that there is no separation between the self and other. My classes offer you the chance to tap into your inner and outer strength and flexibility whilst settling into your own rhythm and flow. 

My broad base of influences and trainings include A.G. Mohan (200hr YA certified), Janet Stone (500hr certification in progress), Tibetan Buddhism, and Thai Yoga Massage. I encourage and teach the integration of mantras into everyday living as a simple tool for maintaining emotional balance, stability and compassion in action.

Key West Yoga AUGUST Schedule (Traveling for month of July)

  • Monday:
    • 11am-6:00pm Bodywork, Health Coaching, or Yoga+Pilates private sessions.   
  • Tuesday:
    • 1:15-2:00pm: Pilates @ Key West Yoga Sanctuary.
    • 5:45-6:45pm: Slow Flow (All Levels) @ Coco's Monkey's (209 Simonton St, Key West) 
  • Wednesday:
    • 11am-5:00pm Bodywork, Health Coaching, or Yoga+Pilates private sessions.
  • Thursday: 
    • 8:30-9:30am: Beach Yoga @ Loggerheads Beach Bar (0 Simonton Street) 
    • 12:15-1:00pm: Vinyasa Express @ Key West Yoga Sanctuary. 
  • Friday:
    • 8:30-9:25am: Gentle Yoga @ Coffee Mill Dance Studio
  • Saturday:
    • 10:00-10:55am: Pilates @ Stayfit Studio
    • 11:15-12:30pm: Vinyasa Flow @ Key West Yoga Sanctuary 
   * Don't see a time that works for you? Create a group of 3 or more let's start your own private class!

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Pilates is a method created by Joseph Pilates who used this unique system of movements to improve his own health and physical body. During WW1 he also helped rehabilitate injured soldiers with his method. Pilates, as it is now known, is not only is used as a process of rehabilitation but as a focused method to strengthen, stretch, improve posture, and balance the body. Joseph Pilates based his series of exercises on the idea that one could most effectively stretch and strengthen the entire body by focusing on the Powerhouse-- the muscles in the abdomen, the back, and hips, more commonly referred to as the body's core. 

I received my Pilates Mat certification with Linda Farrel's LindaFit certification program in New York City in 2009 and have been teaching in Key West and abroad ever since. 

Pilates can be practiced at any fitness level. My classes offer a variety of modifications and variations to find the right movements for you. 

Let me know how you'd like to get started--create your own small group classes or schedule a private session!


Private Yoga/Pilates session: $60 
5-session pack: $275
10-session pack: $515


"Natalia is a magnetic teacher with a lot of spirit in her work, both as a yoga instructor and retreat leader. She's traveled the world educating herself with several yoga teacher trainings and meditation courses, embarking on her own transformational journey, instilling a calm, supportive, authentic style and voice to share with others... teaching, leading, helping and healing. She provides challenge and strength along with peace and comfort in her various yoga styles. You will be thoroughly amazed and recharged with any journey you take with her."
  - Aimee McNally, CAMT, LMT, CPMT, Birth Doula

"The Dream Catcher Retreat was a mission of love which included the perfect balance of sun & fun & prayer & meditation and it was profoundly meaningful to all who participated.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat and for creating this amazing experience where I was able to enjoy the calmness and stillness that only spending time on the water can bring.
Just having the freedom to think and feel connected to nature in a safe space meant the world to me. I simply cannot remember a time in my life when I felt so peaceful and content!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
  - Dr. Deborah E. Lippi, Ph.D.
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