The Circus, Space, and Key West.

I started writing this 6-months ago whilst sitting in cafe in Siem Reap. I was waiting for an Australian nurses' magic western burn cream to soothe the 3-inch bubble on my leg...Ohhhhh motorbike exhaust pipes thank you for your teachings in suffering, patience, and impermanence... Read More


Paso a paso

Crying my eyes out on a bus from Muxìa back to Santiago. Tears of happiness, sadness, exhaustion, disbelief... everything in between. September 21-October 30th...40-days. Life was hard yet simple. Wake, eat, follow yellow arrows, wash, rest, repeat. Officially transitioning from the Camino de Santiago to Camino Del Vida... Read More

110k to Santiago, whaaaat whaaat!

An incredible wave of gratitude washed over me as I crossed into Galicia 2-days ago. Gratitude for my body, my travel companions, my family... All those that have come before...It's been hot and sunny since leaving Leon for which I'm grateful...but it has brought on different challenges especially when combined with the ups and downs of being back in the mountains!! Woke up early today with the desire to WALK. Read More


Well I was about to write this long post about finally arriving to LEON (woohoo!) and the beautiful meseta, the rain, the snoring, cold showers, new friends and new aches and pains... but then I decided to run out the door and head to my first catholic mass on the Camino. Read More

Saint Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona!

Arrived back to Pamplona, 4-days after i took a 2-hr bus from here to SJPDP!! ...Indulging in a single room yet still for some reason awake from 3am-5am....decided to post a little about the first few days! Day 1: Saint Jean Pied de Port to Orisson. 8-kilometers, uphill, lots of excitement and energy. Started out with two women, from my first albergue (pilgrim hostel) but quickly realized i would not be able to keep up their pace and that I would have to stick to my own rhythm if I was gonna last more than a few days... Read More


and I would walk 500 miles...

Over the past two years I've traveled, studied, rode rickshaws, trains, planes, surfed, sat, laughed, loved, said goodbyes, circumambulated, paused, cried, practiced, spiraled in samsara, reflected, projected, prostrated, sat some more, ate loads of curd, rice, dhal, chapatis & churros, prayed, practiced, shaved my head, rode a camel, sat, sat, sat, and sought a little more... Read More


Let it grow, let it go.

Well hair has been on my mind lately as I now have longer hair under my armpits than on on my head. Yup, in a moment of clarity mixed with spontaneity I decided to shave my head. Read More